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Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 2013

The next section of the popular FPS game from town Interactive performed a series of great enhancements in graphics and gameplay compared to the primary half. Following the success of the primary half, town Interactive has kicked off developing Sniper: Ghost individual a pair of with the investment was disclosed to be rather more powerful. In distinction, all active duty of character occur in absolute silence so as to confirm remote kill enemies quickly. graphics in Sniper: Ghost individual a pair of has created ​​significant progress thanks use CryENGINE three, advanced technology applied in Crysis a pair of. period lighting effects ar simulated sharp style setting for high-resolution detail. though graphics don't seem to be the foremost necessary issue to create a high qualityproduct shooter, this issue conjointly helps to Sniper: Ghost individual a pair of at first scored gamers. just like the primary half, within the role of a soldier shooting marksman acquisition, the player's task is principally simply use the optical device mature and rational calculation of external factors like wind direction, distance, breath ... to hit a trial accurately. Sniper: Ghost individual a pair of, the expertise of the screen to kill the enemy with guns look additional attention-grabbing, particularly through slow-motion effects. With CryENGINE three, gamers will feel a blur result (blurring) nice camera around once the bullets begin to departthe barrel towards the target. Developer town Interactive, Sniper: Ghost individual a pair of permits gamers to shoot regular apples three targets with one bullet if aligned properly. computer science (AI) of enemies within the next section the marked improvement, as indicated by the tactic moves to limit visibility of the protagonistadditionally because the ability of high alert.

System Requirements:
Windows XP/vista/7/8
Intel Pentium i3 or Better
 7 GB (full) 5 Gb (repack) free HD Space 
256 bit 512 MB Vram

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