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Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis
Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis is a zoo simulation ancient, like dinosaurs, etc to PC. Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis may be a construction and management simulation game for the computer, supported the novel and film series period Park. the most purpose of the sport is to recreate period Park - building a five star funfair with dinosaurs, and turning John Hammond's dream into reality. within the park, the player builds methods, amenities for guests like, food and restrooms, likewise as enclosures and attractions. One should conjointly keep the park safe and secure. The park are often inhabited with up to sixty dinosaurs, with twenty-five completely different species obtainable. The player can even add attractions almost like those seen within the film, like the expedition seen within the period Park film, and extra attractions sort of a balloon tour and several other types of viewing platform. The player's main objective is simple: produce a topic park/zoo that includes dinosaurs, build it well-liked, and build it safe with a 5-star rating. The gameplay functions ar terribly almost like the SimCity and king game models. it's necessary to create feeding stations wherever herbivores will get bales of plant feed, whereas carnivores ar fed live cows or goats. However, herbivores become sad if they do not have enough trees around them or enough close archosaur friends to socialize with. Likewise, carnivores have AN innate need to hunt alternative dinosaurs, thus even a relentless stream of eutherian mammal won't keep them happy.

System Requirements:
Windows XP/7/8
Intel Pentium 4 or Better
512 MB RAM 
 1 GB free Space 
64 bit 512 MB Vram

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Mount File daemoon tool
Install game
Enjoy Bro


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Size: 340 MB
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